Duas are the most powerful source of getting your desired wishes fulfilled with the grace of Almighty. Here you will find our latest list of duas.

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Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem

Whatever is happening in this world, is arriving by order of Allah ta’ala. Almighty is the reason for everything which happens to us. We should make one thing very clear in our minds that nothing can change without his permission. That’s why we should start every work by taking his name. If we get help from Almighty Allah, then nobody can stop our work.

Quran-E-Sharif is the holy book for Muslims, and its ayats contains so many powers in it that it can change your life forever. Start your work with confidence that you will surely get success in it. Your all wishes and dreams will be fulfilled if you read Quran Sharif regularly. Experts select Ayats mentioned on our website. All the wazifa and duas mentioned on this site can solve any of your problems.

Reading wazifa with real heart and pure intentions will give you success.

Important points before performing wazifa or dua

  • Before starting any wazifa you should have full faith and confidence that you will get success.
  • You should have a halal business, and you should be a genuine person.
  • During wazifa your heart should be pure and all your focus should be on Allah.
  • Before performing any wazifa or dua you should do wuzu (ablution).
  • You should fix one place to read wazifa and do not change this place.
  • You should take permission from your teacher before performing any wazifa.
  • Stop yourself from being in fights during wazifa period.
  • Do not hurt someone during wazifa time.
  • You should follow all the instructions carefully before starting any wazifa.

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